Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A new day

Today I got a big shock. Decided to weight myself again and the scale showed 207.2 lbs. That's 2.2 lbs more that I though I really was. I know the weigth can vary from one day to another and this is why we shouldn't weight ourselves everyday so I wanted to make sure. I'm not really surprised after all but am really disapointed. There's no point asking myself why did I stop in the first place. I did, already happened and the only way to go now is forward. I managed to stick to my meal plan yesterday so I am optimistic. It was quite hard. I didn't exercise though. Had some tidying up to do around the house and when the kids arrived from school I wanted to spend time with them. By the time I put them to bed was feeling a bit too tired to do any exercise.
Today I will exercise in the morning.

Monday, 13 June 2011

I'm back, but not completly!!!

Ok so I haven't posted for quite some time now.
I've been feeling rubbish, since I started concentrating on studying for my graded unit, my weight loss program started to go downhill. I haven't exercised for the last 2 months, the diet, well, although I'm not eating the same that I was before I started the program, I am eating more again, and already ate some of the not so good stuff. I've been feeling really guilty now. I am happy that my exam went well, I got an A, but am starting to kind of hating this person...
I don't understand how I could do this to myself. It was so hard, so much sacrifice and now I stopped it? What's going on with me? I'm very lucky that I didn't put on more weight but I feel like I've put on all I've lost before and I probably will if I don't do anything pretty soon... It's probably the guilt.
I've started my holidays now and I really do hope that I find the strength to restart the diet and the exercise. It's like I need someone looking after me, forcing me to exercise and shouting at me whenever I overeat...
That's what I need!!!