Thursday, 3 May 2012

No more scales! For now...

Ok, yesterday I decided to weight myself, after several months. I was shocked to see that I hadn't lose one single pound. Why? How come? I wondered... I can see that I've lost something because it's noticeable on the clothes and I can feel it. I have been exercising regularly, not everyday and only for 30 minutes but still, I've done it at least five times a week for the last month and before that I wasn't exercising at all, so it should make a difference, right? I think that, maybe it is because I haven't changed my diet yet, I still eat the same amount and type of food I was eating before and maybe the exercise is increasing my muscle mass, therefore no weight loss.
If this is true, I really need to change my diet, well not so much my diet since I eat quite helthily, but the amount of food that I eat, because I want muscle mass but I don't want my muscles noticing after I've lost the weight that I need to lose.

That is certainly one of my main strugles, to eat less. I also have been learning that ideally one should exercise at least twice a day, that it is better to do two 30 minutes sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon for instance, than to do a 60 minutes one. But I find it really hard at the moment to do that. I spend many hours a day sat at my desk studying. I'm really happy now though. I'm finishing my course in five weeks and intend to start working from home so then I will have more control over how to organize my daily routine and I will certainly change it.