Thursday, 3 May 2012

No more scales! For now...

Ok, yesterday I decided to weight myself, after several months. I was shocked to see that I hadn't lose one single pound. Why? How come? I wondered... I can see that I've lost something because it's noticeable on the clothes and I can feel it. I have been exercising regularly, not everyday and only for 30 minutes but still, I've done it at least five times a week for the last month and before that I wasn't exercising at all, so it should make a difference, right? I think that, maybe it is because I haven't changed my diet yet, I still eat the same amount and type of food I was eating before and maybe the exercise is increasing my muscle mass, therefore no weight loss.
If this is true, I really need to change my diet, well not so much my diet since I eat quite helthily, but the amount of food that I eat, because I want muscle mass but I don't want my muscles noticing after I've lost the weight that I need to lose.

That is certainly one of my main strugles, to eat less. I also have been learning that ideally one should exercise at least twice a day, that it is better to do two 30 minutes sessions, one in the morning and one in the afternoon for instance, than to do a 60 minutes one. But I find it really hard at the moment to do that. I spend many hours a day sat at my desk studying. I'm really happy now though. I'm finishing my course in five weeks and intend to start working from home so then I will have more control over how to organize my daily routine and I will certainly change it.

Friday, 30 March 2012

Easter Holidays, finally

I'm really happy that the Easter holidays have arrived. I find it really hard, sometimes even impossible to exercise in the morning (when it's more effective), but now at least for 2 weeks I will be able to walk in the morning and in the afternoon. I really think that walking twice a day will make a big difference.
I'm finding it really hard this time to control what I eat and the portions sizes. I have times when I feel a bit depressed actually, then I feel ok and other times great, but I want to feel great all the time. Maybe is the lack of support, not having someone to tell me that I am gonna make it, someone pushing me to the limit... I think you know what I mean. This doesn't mean I am blaming other people, not at all. The blame is mine to carry, I'm the one who decides what to eat, when and how much, if I exercise or not, but I believe it really helps to have someone giving support.

Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Good to be walking...

I finally started exercising again. I've been walking on the treadmill but am still struggling to do it everyday. My legs were really sore at first but now, fortunately the pain is starting to ease during and after walking. I feel I should do more exercises, more variety and more frequency, but am finding it really hard at the moment. I have been studying so much and with the house and kids to look after it is really difficult at times. I believe the most important now is to change my mindset, and of course my diet as well. I don't want to change my diet because I want to loose weight but because it will make me feel a lot better and I know that.
Last year for the two months that I kept eating healthily, having regular meals and not eating any type of carbohydrates after 16:00 I felt a lot more energy, I had no headaches, no heartburn... I think that's why I feel so guilty at times, because I already had the strength before, I had the experience of doing it and felt a lot better so why am I finding it so hard now? I really need to do something, I am really sick and tired of being fat, not feeling comfortable whatever clothes I put on. I am going to weight myself in one week and really hope to see some difference, even if it is just 3 or 4 lbs. It will be a start, right?

Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Back to the start

Ok so I've been gone for some time... I'm on the last year of my course and have been so busy with projects and exams that all my diet and exercise plans are out of control.
Due to lack of time, I haven't exercised at all for the last few months. Meal times are not certain either. Been spending hours without eating, then eat too much at once. I have put on several pounds again and am starting to feel really guilty for waisting all the effort I've put in.
Now I decided that is time to stop the excuses and to stop feeling sorry for myself. Regardless of how little time I might have for myself or how tired I might be feeling, I am going to start eating properly again and I am going to walk everyday on my treadmill.
I really hope that on my next post, I will confirm what I've just said and will let you know how I got on. Sorry to everyone who came buy for not having updates for so long.