Friday, 25 March 2011

Diet going well but ... exercise?!

Ok, so my diet is still going very well. I'm very pleased that I still resist chocolate and cakes (haven't had any for two months)or the carbs after 4pm but in the past two weeks I haven't exercised at all! I know it's shocking, I mean, I do all the stuff such as walking to college, clean the house, ironing, etc, but that's far from enough.
When I increased the duration and resistance of my exercises, It was hard but it made me feel a lot better. It was a big mistake to have stopped. I don't know why I did... but I've promised myself that tomorrow I will start the exercises again, no excuses. This time I will increase the frequency as well so I will have to exercise at least five times a week. I'm still losing weight because I'm dieting but I feel the need to burn more calories and I definitely need more energy.

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